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I am writing on document-fraud because it is a real problem. Here in Arizona where I live, document-fraud is common. Our Sheriff, Joe Arpaio has fought not only the ones who commit document-fraud, but also the people that knowingly assist these criminals. Many employers hire people they know to be illegally in this country, and knowingly accept fake-identification to allow them to work here. By doing so, they can pay these people very little pay, because they aren't going to go to the authorities and have to admit they are using fake-identification. Sheriff Joe used to raid work-places and arrest people for document-fraud. Lately though, I haven't heard much of that. I'm sure it's because of Obama's treasonous and illegal habit of ignoring and/or changing laws that he doesn't agree with. He refuses to let our police-officers and ICE-agents do they're jobs. He has, in other words, handcuffed these officers from doing they're jobs. Document-fraud is not

limited to fake-identification, but also stolen-identification.

Stolen-identification is a huge problem also. How many times have you heard of someone's bank-account drained because they're personal-information was stolen and used to charge things? It doe's happen, and it doe's happen often. It ruins peoples credit they worked hard to establish and creates an absolute nightmare for them to try and clear up. This sometimes takes years and years . Document-fraud is a favorite among illegals also because many of them are gang-members, drug-dealers, and sex-offenders in they're home-countries. With fake or stolen-identification they avoid who and what they really are. I can't say for certain, but I suspect a tyrant with the initials B.O. knows all too well about document-fraud, which is why he tolerates it. At any rate, it is illegal, it is a crime, and the people who commit document-fraud are criminals. This is our country and it is absolutely insane to

give it up to criminals demanding what they aren't entitled to. They disrespect our

laws, our people, our flag, and our language. We shouldn't put up with document-fraud or the people that selfishly commit it for they're own gain. They don't care who they harm or the hardship that they put on others. Face it folks, the politicians have sold us out to please they're corporate-masters with cheap-labor in exchange for votes and donations. We can beat them IF we stick together!