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Illegal's are bringing health care problems into the USA. America is experiencing a resurgence of contagious diseases once thought to be eliminated because illegal immigrants have and are bringing these health problems with them.

Unlike our legal immigrants, illegal's have no health screen prior to entering America. Individuals infected with TB are prevalent. Some persons from Mexico and the Latin American countries have pork tapeworm. This is a serious problem which ends in death after they have spread this killer to others. Typhoid, river blindness, malaria, Pertussis (whooping cough), and guinea worm are on the rise in America because illegal aliens from 3rd world conditions or coming via illegal immigration!

Illegal's have not had vaccinations against the host of contagious diseases. These problems are of great concern to the public health departments because these diseases are considered a health threat to the general population of the USA.

Children of illegal's who are enrolled in American school's pose a threat to the children in their class room. Frequently these children carry pork tapeworm. This is highly contagious. These children require a thorough physical examination by a qualified physician prior to enrolling in school and socializing with other children.

The health care costs to treat illegal immigrants is staggering and is causing an overburden of the Health Care Resources. Illegal immigrants have no health care insurance and/or are under insured. The cost of the emergency room visits, the x-rays and lab work plus the physicians time is costly. Medications that are necessary in the treatment of their health problems are expensive.

American citizens are expected to pay for the medical care and the medications costs for the illegal's because these people plead poverty. Frequently these people have had no health care in their native country prior to escaping into America. They have chronic health issues due to un-sanitary living conditions in their native country. They require health care and they seek health care once they are in the USA.

The immigration system in America is being broken by elite financial powers that want more illegal immigration and more illegal immigrants.

This system requires our immediate attention because illegal immigrants are expensive criminals. They are burdening an already burdened system. Persons who desire to move into the USA should have a pre-immigration health screen. Persons who want to live and work in America need to have money to support them selves until they can and do gain legal employment. Persons wanting to re-locate to America should have a marketable education and/or skill that contributes to their employment possibilities. Also, it would help if the people entering America illegally would learn to speak English which is the language of America.

Hundreds of hospitals in California and other areas close to America's southern border have closed in the last ten years due to the negative financial impact of illegal immigrants on our health care facilities. Who can even imagine the number of Americans and legal immigrants that were not able to receive emergency or sufficient health care in time to save their lives due to the overburden of hour American health care systems by illegal immigrants engaging in rampant illegal immigration?