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Welcome to our illegal immigration website where you can find information about Illegal immigration and illegal immigrant problems, facts, statistics, news, articles, reports, history, and resources!

Whether you are looking to Report illegal immigration or find more information about the history of illegal immigration, or even Barack Obama and Illegal Immigration, then you have come to the right place. We are building one of the largest collections of facts and statistics about illegal immigration in the world here at []

Illegal immigration and Illegal immigrants are causing great harm to American workers, taxpayers, students, and voters while corrupt politicians from both major parties in Washington DC support this transforming invasion of America. So few Americans are accurately informed about the negative impact illegal immigration and illegal immigrants have on our health care, wage depreciation, and lost American jobs.

Most illegal immigrants engage in document fraud and identity theft which greatly harm Americans.

Take a look at these shocking legal & illegal immigration Statistics and weigh the consequences for Americans carefully.

Please share our site with others and join the conversation about illegal immigration and amnesty. Americans of all races and walks of life working together to support the existing US Illegal Immigration Laws and borders can stop and reverse illegal immigration! Please read more info below...

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