driver licenses for illegal immigrants

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Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

The American public opposes driver licenses for illegal immigrants by 77% according to November 2007, Rasmussen Reports polling. This was discovered after defamed Governor Elliot Spitzer wrecked his political career by supporting some form of licenses for illegal immigrants.

Granting licenses to illegal immigrants had been reduced to only 3 states due to vast public opposition after 9/11. But, in more recent years more states have started to give licenses to illegal immigrants as a small section of Republicans have begun voting with Democrats to give these licenses.

Illegal aliens desire driver licenses so they can conduct other aspects of their illegal immigrant invasion such as banking, renting homes, driving to jobs that are illegal for them to hold.

Even in many states that do not have legislation supporting driver licenses for illegal immigrants, bureaucrats inside the DMV offices have made changes to procedures to create loopholes for illegal immigrants and the terrorists among them to get licenses!